"Educated On The Road"

Who is Tory Bailey? Where’d he come from? How did he get his start in music? 

Tory Wayne Bailey was born in Augusta, Georgia. Later spending his childhood on a dairy farm in Virginia where his folks raised him in a loving home. A singer who first began at home, then at church and school.  Like many, having a mother who sang to him, filling his ears with melody. A father who loved Country, Soul, and Rock & Roll, loved to dance and played records constantly, made for happy memories and the modest beginnings of this musical life.  A passion to perform compelled the couple. Then, with the addition of brother Gregg on drums, they started a band in the basement around 1979, later named Denim🎼Lace.  Tory would be a featured addition later at the age of twelve, debuting alongside his parents, opening a show for Ronnie McDowell. Drumming some and stepping up to the mic as lead vocalist. A rapidly expanding regional following grew for this favorite family band (hence penning the autobiographical “Educated on the Road”). And so built the commitments and long list of opening credits.  This provided a necessary evil, an opportunity to pay some dues. Lots of them! V.F.W.’s, honkytonks, NO sleep, LATE nights and LONG rides over many miles of at least half this country. Sharing the stage with many major recording artists throughout the nineties, such as Vince Gill, Ricky Van Shelton, Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks, Marty Stuart, Travis Tritt, Waylon Jennings, Dwight Yoakam and so many more. Tory was absorbing it all. From load-out to load-in, from set-up to tear-down, front of house and backstage to the top of the speaker stacks, before and DURING SHOWS! Yes, he’s covered some ground and learned the ropes. Actually, the idols Tory began listening to and covering throughout his almost two decades spanning career were some of the very acts he learned from first hand. But, consider this, beginning so young provided him the experience of a veteran even before the age of thirty.

Well, what kind of music does he sing and What’s he doing now?

Raised on the road, Educated by the masters of the craft; songwriters like Don Schlitz, Kris Kristofferson, Steve Earle, Dean Dillon, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, and long-time friend, Earl Clark. All wrote from the heart and offered their interpretation of life’s impressions that were made on them as American men. Loving, fighting, winning, losing, growing up and growing older, living and dying. All made significant impact and have found their way to influence Tory’s songwriting. From a personal phone conversation with Don Schlitz back in ’82 after being awarded Song of the Year that very night, to the fact that Merle, Kris, Willie or Dean wrote ninety percent of the songs Tory would learn first, grow to love and pay homage to in performances still today. Also, Tory has been given privileged access and valuable time creating his own songs with hit songwriters in a true, co-writers capacity. Here are a few of those writers and their notable hits:

Becky Hobbs “Angels Among Us”, recorded by Alabama

“Before We Make Love/I Wanna Know You”, recorded by Conway Twitty

Benita Hill “Two Pina Coladas”, recorded by Garth Brooks

“This Is Your Song”, recorded by Garth Brooks

Rich Fagan “Grundy County Incident/Sold”, recorded by John Michael Montgomery

“Over Night Male”, recorded by George Strait-Pure Country (motion picture)

Bernie Nelson “Walk Our Own Road”, recorded by Randy Travis

“Blue Skies Again”, recorded by John Anderson

These collaborators have all helped to hone Tory’s brand of Country sound and style of writing a song. Tory is currently working on his writing and producing material for his next studio recording tentatively set for release early 2019 unless completed sooner, as he’s playing all sorts of live shows. Concerts, wine festivals, chili cook-offs, barn dances and backyard parties. He has done some On-Air radio interviews, numerous benefits for causes close to his heart, and some good old-fashioned smoke-filled beer joints and pool halls. In the Fall, he plans to take his “Best Received”, “Hottest” songs and stellar concert energy to the BMI Featured Songwriter Event at the Sutler Saloon. 

Well, okay then. Cool, so…Where’s he headed? How can I stay in touch and find out more? When can I see a show OR bring him to my town? 

“The sky’s the limit, and beyond… The ultimate destination.” 

Tory Bailey

Tory is very grounded after learning some hard business and personal lessons. But admits to being grateful for it all. 

“He is ready for the bigtime.”

Ed Russell CEO-R.M.S./CEO Cashbox Magazine (personal business manager) 

"Tory is craving the big stage and hopes to make his largest and most positive impact ever.  He is a creative person with expansive range as an artist who’s full potential has still yet to be tapped.”

Wayne Bailey (father)

A taste of what’s possible and what’s to come is just around the corner. The plan is to move ahead. Maintain a stable, sensible pace. Steady the course. Play, sing, write and perform every song the best every time out, and leave the crowd at a fever-pitch, satisfied and exhausted, but looking forward to more. And with bated breath, await the echo of these words, SEE YA NEXT TOUR!

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"Educated on the Road"

"Educated on the Road"

Written by:  Tory Bailey & Denny Hemingson

Performed by:  Tory Bailey

Recorded at:  Platinum Lab, Berry Hill/JL Productions

"The First Time I Ever Heard My Voice On A Microphone" by Tory Bailey