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Exciting Announcement!

7.7.18  We are proud and excited to welcome our new Tory Bailey Fan Club President, Catherine Bossi!  A rocker-chick at heart, Cathy honed her skills in the airline industry where she's still currently active.  However, she has been instrumental in leading special fan event planning for such artists as Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, Trace Adkins, Montgomery Gentry, Jack Ingram and Jake Owen.  Looks like we're keeping good company.  In addition, she has gone to battle, so-to-speak, in Washington, D.C. with Elizabeth Dole to plead and ultimately win her case.  Performed other duties, such as  Guardian ad litem, human and pets rights advocate/activist.  Also, one heck of a House Party concert hostess!  Please contact her for any promotional, special appearances supplemental to scheduled shows or share publicity ideas you have for Tory.  We're so glad she's on the team!  

A Special Thank You ❤

6.30.18  Special thanks to the Fischer family for this post-show letter of gratitude.  This means as much or even more than the cheers during the concert, Miss Edith.  Your brother's work here on Earth is done.  May his spirit fly free like an eagle. Yes ma'am, we'll see you and everyone, yes and even him again soon.  

Love, TB

P.S.  Many of you don't know the tragedy that struck this family, but our bond is strong and Chris's son, Tom, will always have brothers in our family as well.  Ya'll may even see Tom out on the road as part of the touring show.

{Tom is currently a Lead Mason Tender, scaffold rigger, fork-lift operator, and occupying the position I left behind when I returned to Nashville to pursue my dreams.  And I do so in good conscience, knowing I can trust my Uncle Gregg and the company in Tom's helpful and capable hands.} 

Thanks, Brother.


BMI Sponsored Songwriter Showcase @The Sutler Saloon

 The Sutler Saloon, Nashville, TN Come one, come all! Let's pack this joint wall to wall!

Tory was very honored to have been asked to perform his brand of country music at this important BMI songwriters event, Wednesday, Sept. 26th.   All songs in Tory's 9pm Headliner Set will be original composition and/or original arrangement.

This legendary live music venue is a favorite of locals and the Music City insiders.  So, if you make it out to support this night, you'll be THRILLED !

 It could truly be HISTORIC ! 

See you at the Sutler Saloon Wednesday, 9pm, September 26th. 

POVA Studio & Gallery Grand Opening

6.9.18  Poverty & the Arts Nashville, TN  

(Tory is pictured here along with Nashville artist, Miss B, from POVA's Artist Collective Program.) Spent a lil time yesterday evening, being inspired by the spirit of people who some have called many, many names like...
broken, troubled, lost, sad....BUT,
I found no one here at all like that, and instead saw a new way to see the word when applied to homelessness..... "a place to stay", but not in one, .... rather ON a Mission:

"Poverty & the Arts (POVA) is a Nashville-based social enterprise nonprofit that creates opportunities for individuals experiencing and transitioning out of homelessness through creative outlets and community support. POVA artists have access to studio space, art supplies, professional development workshops, and opportunities to sell and exhibit original artwork, prints, merchandise. Our POVA artists are able to not only generate income and gain valuable professional development skills through our Artist Collective program, but they also find a place that nourishes the soul, builds their confidence, and reignites their dreams. Our volunteer positions are unique opportunities to meet, create, and build meaningful relationships with people who have experienced homelessness."

"Brenda “Miss B” McAbee joined our Artist Collective in July 2017. She experienced homelessness in Nashville for 3 months before securing housing in May 2017. She was inspired to make art from a young age by her mother, but only recently found a sustainable outlet. Miss B is excited to be in the Artist Collective to find more ways to express herself in a healthy way. She loves creating artwork through guided meditations, and her primary mediums are acrylic and oil paints. In addition to creating art in our Artist Collective program, she is a volunteer at Nashville Cares."

“I let God guide my hands to create whatever He wants with me as His vessel.”  ~Miss B

More To Come...♫

6.5.18 Barrick Recording Studio, Glasgow, Kentucky (Tory Bailey, Greg Martin & David Barrick) Long-time friend lead-guitarist, Greg Martin of the Kentucky Headhunters, is lending his talents to Tory's latest recording endeavor.  More to come...

"I met my buddy Tory Bailey in Virginia when he was around 7 years old, way back in the 80’s, during my Ronnie McDowell days. Yeah, I realize the 80’s are all a blur now. His parents band, Denim and Lace, opened up for Ronnie McDowell many times. Over the years, we all became good friends, Tory has always kept in touch with me. I’ve been lucky to watch him grow into the fine young man he is today, I know his folks are very proud of him. I added some guitar to one of his songs yesterday, only God knew this was going to happen many, many years ago. So happy to be a part of his upcoming project, he sure is a talented and focused young man. Go get ‘em, son! "

~Greg Martin

House of Blues Studios

5.25.18  House of Blues Studios, Berry Hill, TN (Tory is pictured here with fellow musician, Bob Hatter)    Today I made music with an old friend.  Some pretty special music, at that.  To be exposed soon in all its splendor, something we're really excited about.  But when you get to record with a fellow like this, of course the music and the experience is exciting!  Bob used to roll-up to gigs we played, in a big red station wagon.  The unsuspecting "twang mobile" was not unlike that of a road-house bouncer's.  I knew after hearing him play the first time, he wouldn't be riding in that jalopy long...  When asked why such a radical rig, the Hat-Man gave his answer, "I got my reasons".  And not unlike the color and character of that answer, his talents have been shared with many major artists since those days.  He continues to wow us with his smooth, tasteful touches, and strong rhythmic foundations.  We're blessed to have him with us.  Hang around to hear the music!  ♫

Barrick Studio~Tory Bailey & Greg Martin of KY Headhunters

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